You might wonder what the wonderful musicians who made up Atlas Strategic have done since all that ended, well this is it:

Jeff Allport - He still plays drums and has a music myspace.

Dan Boecker - He is now in Wolf Parade and Handsome Furs with his fiancée Alexei Perry. To learn more about those bands use google. He also played on Islands' debut, "Return To The Sea" on both Swans (Life After Death) and Where There's A Will There's A Whalebone. He has also appeared on a few of Subtle's records, along with occasionally appearing on stage with Modest Mouse to play Dramamine.

Brooklyn Cannon - She currently is Total Bummer. Because Total Bummer has an album out on June 17th so I made a page here for Total Bummer. She used to until recently play in a band called Wizardtron. She also played with Dave Wenger in Daddy's Hands until his death in late 2006.

Scott Henderson - It is a mystery to me as to what Scott has been up to, I'm guessing still working away playing and recording awesome music. I've got this one mp3 of a song called "Chocking On Bad News." It turns out Scott was also in The People's War with Johnny.

Johnny Pollard - He now has a bands called The Lords Of Discipline, but that's still a work in progress, although, they do have a myspace. He also played with Dave Wenger in Daddy's Hands until his death in late 2006. Along with all that he has also been doing lots of DJing. Johnny was also in a hardcore reggae band called The People's War with Scott and Tony Goluza, but that ended. He was also in another short lived hardcore project with Tony called Shaheed.

Steve Simard - I'll quote Steve on this, "since atlas strategic, i've done nothing musically," but that isn't completely true. For a short time he sang for a band called The Ten Commandments. Also, though it isn't related to music he's gotten into cartooning over the past few years and is working on a puppet show adaption to Waterworld entitled Waterworld: The Puppet Show. It's gonna be one hell of a puppet show! He also plays lots of hockey.

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