Atlas Strategic was an indie rock band from Victoria, British Columbia. The band broke up in 2002. It was made of Dan Boeckner who played guitar and sang, Johnny Pollard aka Atlas Strategic, who played the organ, synthesizer, saxophone, and sang backing vocals, Steve Simard who played the drums, and Brooklyn Cannon who played guitar and sang backing vocals.

Their first album, the only officially released one was "Rapure, Ye Minions!" which was released on Global Symphonic. They later had plans to put out another release on a larger label, which was on the verge of being Sub Pop. They recorded a second session and put out the 8 song "tour ep" "That's Familiar!" They also had another unofficial release called "Here We Come" that included the songs from "That's Familiar!" and three more including a new version of "Bad Robots" from "Rapture, Ye Minions!" The name of the release they were hoping on putting out was "Ghetto Purchase."

After recording "That's Familiar!"/"Here We Come" Brooklyn Cannon left the band. This caused Steve Simard to move from drums to guitar, and was replaced by Jeff Allport.

Scott Henderson of Sea Of Shit Studios recorded both albums. The band used much of his equipment and he played a vital role in the sound and whole recording process. He also played with the band, playing guitar for many shows due to Dan's inability to play because of an injury.

Dan Boeckner now shares the roll of main singer in another Canadian band called Wolf Parade, and has a side project call the Handsome Furs. They are each on Sub Pop Records. Brooklyn Cannon is now in a band based in Montreal called Total Bummer. Johnny Pollard continued to play with Dave Wenger in Daddy's Hands until Dave's death in November of 2006. Johnny is currently planning on starting a band called The Lords Of Discipline.