"Rapture, Ye Minions!" was released in 2000 by Global Symphonic. Only 500 copies were made, there are plans but no set date to reprint the album.
Complete Artwork
I have made a lyric wiki for all the songs. PLEASE help it.
1. Welcome Aboard
2. Jeered By Minor Demons
3. Chicken Shack
4. Little Black Heart
5. Bad Robots
6. Baby
7. Day In The Life
8. Extreme Prejudice
9. Car
10. Poisonous Wine
11. Official Opposition At The Galactic Council (The Deconstruction Of Atlas Strategic)
12. Idiot Boys
13. Jesus Christ
"That's Familiar!" was Atlas Strategic's second record from 2002. Only about 100 copies were made and if anyone owns a copy artwork would be appreciated. The name comes from a Simpsons episode called That's Familiar.
1. Smooth Nights
2. Hott Space
3. The Day It Came To Earth
4. National Flag
5. German Pavillion
6. Frankenstein
7. Artisan (Potter)
8. Soul Food
"Here We Come" came from the same time as "That's Familiar!" and included the same songs plus two new songs and a new version of Bad Robots. It was never officially released.
1. smooth nights
2. hott space
3. artisan (potter)
4. julia
5. national flag
6. the day it came to earth
7. german pavilion
8. frankenstein
9. bad robots
10. fell off the moon
11. soul food
god shaped vacuum demo - apocalypse now
1. i need a car
2. i gotta get up on it
3. wrasslin' with ghosts
4. i can smell the doom
5. do the apocalypse
6. fell off the moon
7. planet of vampires
8. dude's waltz
9. red carpet
10. air show
11. duel of the beasts
12. all my sevens
"God Shaped Vacuum" was Dan Boeckner's band theat evolved into Atlas Strategic after Johnny Pollard joined the band. For this demo I'm almost possitive that the lineup was Dan Boeckner, Brooklyn Cannon, Carey Mercer (of Frog Eyes) and Reg of Prancing Cat.