5-31-2016 I did my best to restore the website (more like a series of web pages) to what it was before some hacker got into it. Please email me with any broken links (except for links on the links page as they're mostly toast). Additionally, most of the info on here is pretty outdated and written by a 15 year old. I hope to take the time to modernize the words on these webpages, but not the layout.

(apparently no updates)

6-15-08 made a total bummer page

2-13-08 added more of what johnny's done and what scott has too

2-9-08 minor fix on what's going on now and how to play

2-7-08 made a tabs page, a page for current stuff, and upped a cover of smooth nights

1-30-08 two posters and two words

11-30-07 finally updated some stuff, nothing big

4-26-07 bunch of updates on my brothers macbook :) TOUR DATES

3-12-07 last up :(

3-11-07 MORE PICS

3-10-07 made a real tour page and edited news

3-2-07 added ebay watch

3-1-07 added wikipedia link and messed with the discog

2-17-07 fixed some track names in the discog

2-14-07 added 3 pictures

2-11-07 made first real edits and added a bunch of stuff including the lyric wiki

january 2007 moved it from http://www.mvrhs.org:16080/f-period/kendall/atlas-strategic/ to http://atlas.nonstuff.com/

sometime late in 2006 i made this site then added to it.