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Daddy's Hands (Demo)

Dave Wenger was a musian, a Canadian musician at that. He was born on June 30, 1973 in Ottawa, he died in a hit-and-run accident on November 23, 2006 in Montreal. Not only was he a musician, he was a GREAT musician. Greatly influencing modern bands such as Frog Eyes and Wolf Parade. He was a GREAT musician and should be remembered.


(11/18/2016): The Daddy's Hands Bandcamp has been around for a few years just for some reason I never had it linked here. Check it out and be sure to support! Recently the University of British Columbia has created a pretty great archive that includes Daddy's Hands' 1996 appearance on Thunderbird Radio Hell. Well worth checking out and downloadable here!

(11/24/2015): Over these past eight years I am unaware of any news...Welcome Kings is still available for purchase from Kill Devil Hills. If there's anything newsworthy please let me know!

(11/18/2007): The two Daddy's Hands tapes are going to be reissued sometime in the future and a cover of Skyscratchers is going to be on Self Rightous Records' Cavalcade Of The Scars II which should be out early next year.

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11/18/2016 Added bandcamp links to the website as well as info about the Thunderbird session that's now available to the live recordings page.

05/29/2016 The nonstuff.com server got hacked or something of the sort. Did my best to restore the site to its previous glory. (I'm dumb and didn't have a recent backup. I've learned my lesson.) Please shoot me an email if you find any dead links...I'm doing my best!

11/24/2015 First update in years! I've added the Hive Studios Sessions mp3s to the Daddy's Hands page as the studio no longer has the tracks hosted. The full Live 1997 Daddy's Hands video is also now on YouTube (blogged here). Dave Wenger's passing was nine years ago yesterday — some updates were long overdue.

Disclaimer #1: I created this website years ago when I was fifteen and that's why it reads as if every was written by a fifteen year old. Maybe one day I'll rewrite everything.

Disclaimer #2: I've hosted some music on this website in order to allow more people to enjoy the music. This website (okay website is a generous term to use) is meant to appreciate Dave Wenger's music — if anything hosted here ought to be removed, please email me.

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