This is the Ache Hour Credo biography taken from the Ache Hour Credo Last.Fm page written by the user, la_hostia. All links below are downloadable mp3s with permission from Dante Decaro of Kill Devil Hills Records.

"Ache Hour Credo were a short-lived transitional band hailing from Victoria, B.C. The band consisted of Chad and Dave of M Blanket with a new drummer, and was essentially the same band but with a moodier sound that veered away from the pop-punk leanings of M-Blanket. The only tracks officially released by Ache Hour Credo were “Letterbomb Valentine” (featured on the “Group Therapy Explosion” CD, released by Slow to Burn Records of Vancouver) and “Give Fascism a Chance” (on the “Fuck the Commonwealth” compilation CD/LP/tape put out by Fans of Bad Productions). However, there is an unreleased demo that is floating around, and this features Mousey of Floragore and some songs that would later become Daddy’s Hands songs.
After the demise of Ache Hour Credo, Chad went on to play breifly in Dillinger Mob before re-inventing himself as Frankie Sparro (Constellation Records). Dave and Mousey moved on to become Daddy’s Hands." - la_hostia

01. Bathtub Embryo
02. Benju & The Pig Man
03. New Fast Days
04. Smegma
05. Straight Edge Revenge
06. Slot Rig Stir
07. Strangled Planet
08. Letterbomb Valentine
09. Spork Monkey
10. Give Fascism A Chance
11. Missed Fortune