Daddy's Hands was Dave Wenger's third main band after M Blanket and Ache Hour Credo. There were two demo tapes, then Tutankhamun in 2000 and again a year or so later, and now recently, Welcome Kings which will be readily available on March 6th.

I'm not sure how much info here is true, so please correct me. Also, links in red will go to lyrics, links in blue to other places.

Welcome Kings - 2007 (March 6) on Kill Devil Hills Records, order it now. Available for digital purchase from Bandcamp. Lyrics

1. Dress you down
2. French made simple
3. Granny's gotta eat
4. Swing low
5. Foot in mouth
6. Great balls of fire
7. Gentlemen you may stand down
8. Meantime bride
9. When venus comes
10. I went back in time (to shut you down)
11. Hard times
12. Homewrecker
13. Cockfight

Tutankhamun - 2000, there were two versions of this, one with Johnny Pollard playing saxophone on all the tracks, then another pressing which has different people from Montreal playing horns on the first six tracks, but still with Johnny on the last 6.

1. Scared Safari
2. There Won't Be a Next Time
3. Incest at Best
4. Summertime
5. Harem Holiday
6. Lady Bingo
7. Volcano Moon
8. M. Poisson
9. Queen Anne
10. Glue Balloon
11. Jesus Knows
12. Baby's Fire

Hive Studio Sessions - 1998, Engineered by COLIN STEWART, and labeled as UNRELEASED RECORDINGS. THEY ARE AMAZING!! You can download each .mp3 or a .zip by clicking here.

Baby's Fire
Dilban Straddles Flab
There Won't Be A Next Time
Feral You
Ghost On The Flies
That's Rich

Ghost In The Bong - 1997, I don't know anything about this, just that there were at least four songs on it.

1. Skyscratchers
2. Dilban Straddles
3. Ghost On The Flies
4. That's Rich (Untamed World)

Intelligent and Powerful - Released June 30, 1996. The second Daddy's Hands tape. I don't really know anything more about it, but scans of the art were here and here. This is the tracklisting from the tape, but the copy I have doesn't have "What's Happening To Me" on Side 2 and the first two tracks on Side 2 are labeled as "Instrumental" and "Untitled". You can now purchase a digital copy on Bandcamp. LYRICS

Side 1:
1. Climbed Right Out
2. In My Pirate Suit
3. Don't Know How To Not To
4. A Soft Invasion
5. Phasers On Stun
6. Shiver Into Brown Space
7. What's Happening To Me?
8. The Luckiest Girl On The Highway
Side 2:
1. Bastard, You're A Hard Man To Love
2. Redman
3. I Wanna Be Inflated
4. What's Happening To Me
5. Strangled Planet
6. Moon Vs Mancoat
7. Poland In November
8. Help Me Lord, I'm Flailing

Daddy's Hands s/t - Released March 3,1996. Daddy's Hands first demo tape. As far as I know it has 10 tracks. Digitally available on Bandcamp.

1. Succubus Insurrection
2. Violets for your Furs
3. Don't Go
4. I Hate-z Plank
5. Pickled Lenin
6. Doctor Small
7. Two Goths and One Knife
8. Scabby Corsage
9. Hey Kunt
10. Statistic Wigs