Daddy's Hands

Live 1997 - at Crosstown Traffic in Vancouver, British Columbia, filmed by Chris Frey, edited by Josh S. Below are mp3s ripped from the dvd of the show. There are videos of Scabby Corsage on Vimeo and YouTube and another video of Shiver Into Brown Space on YouTube. You can also download a .zip of the show with the nifty .txt file. Addiontally, the whole video is now available on YouTube.

01. Intro
02. Don't Go
03. Shiver Into Brown Space
04. Don't Know How To Not To
05. Climbed Right Out
06. Dilban Straddles Flab
07. Skyscratchers > Feral You
08. I Hate-z Plank
09. Phasers On Stun
10. Scabby Corsage

Thunderbird Radio Hell - April 11, 1996. Description: "Recording of a live performance by the Vancouver-based musical group Daddy's Hands for CiTR's Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell program, including introductions by Nardwuar the Human Serviette." More info and download link available here.

01. Don't Go
02. Violent For Your Furs
03. Statistic Wings
04. [unknown??]
05. I Hate Z Plank
06. Pickled Lenin
07. Succubus Insurrection
08. Doctor Small
09. I Wanna Be Inflated
10. Scabby Corsage

M Blanket

Live at U Vic - I don't know anything about when or where this was played, except at U Vic. If anyone knows the names of the songs, please tell me.