I simply typed up the lyric sheet someone scanned. That sheet not being the easiest thing to read many of these could be wrong. I also never proofed this so it may make less sense than it normally would. It is just haw the sheet is, with spaces and stuff, but no song links or anything. sorry…

i climbed right out of this gash tiny old man caught swollen and its wet grey mouth she said let's bury that bonesaw make it like a kid again al drunk meaning like a kid again. i said but the savages are armed with big pink conest silent and wanting means don't pea in my hair and the rain came foaming true love is a perforated heart of pea in the hair wake me when the river sops i've got this bored evasive stare a reflex to my limitations and all hands want her pride drowned tick tock tick i'm a bad scientist fall right out of myself a nondescript capsule of condensed space i don't want to talk about in my pirate suit gnawing at the faces swarming on the subway in my pirate suit i don't always have to answer want followed me to town dogs kicked up their tails in submission old pity for a new man now i'm seeping you in solid mounds want sits heavy in the sweat but nothing's heavy as you gone stare baby we'll start an open movement stating a bad song isn't bad with its targets so invincible only the amorphous penetrate and we don't know how to not to baby a soft invasion spore worn passion dictates your imagined wing span pass the gravy i woke up proud to say kirk cameron broke my fall yesterday was cruel i'm bionic now, and howl exchanged this wooden bomb for electric art if you could just funnel that baboon art into tinsel-wound buckets i could ride your core, be happy and know your caught…humanoidt slow to pop humanoid tranegression fords the should and supineism's itch isn't manmade afterall vacuum circus sickness and that fucked up tree again…i'm still a fat man in my heart got the insides of a spider but (on the seam ends with "loves a") secret a sick sense of importance the insignificant made thick with stone lips and the power to release an instant satisfied inside a rapid hurt you didn't mean it was just one of those things everyone loves a conquest a cop's sense hollow Darwin a vulnerable moon no one looks up to - all secrets trapped in the pavement whores at our shows a shiver into brown space i won't apologize for the wind a bad man wouldn't kiss you where you pee, stick up your torn knickers where the boy went or grab you by the hair and curse the calm uncle smells the rubber on my skin the luckiest girl on the highway don't give much thought to the other side, the swollen backwards sky…going down on the uncle in a dress he made
you can fuck an army of clenched lambs but can't open bottled love if all you give's a fall into yet grass and waiting for the devil to blow more of that cold air up you ass as the only way to stay fresh in these rotting skins he held me down and made me queen stood on my hat till the shrunken head head fit a sallow pus a sad maimed comet in a prurient grey town that could've been my brother or captain of the beatnik shuttlebus, spitting drunken sounds at a campfire i'll have to wear my helmet to the strangled planet i don't want to go it's never what you are, it's what you wear in the tangled carcass of the billboard monkey i don't want to go but when i do i'll have to wear my brand new helmet everybody's happy when everyone's gather at the sundial but everyone's afraid to made friends- god known there isn't time… where have i been? drunk off the glare of my skinny tim sin zoltan! zoltan! in folding human hope i wrote the final earthing joke: waiter, there's a contest in my soup but i'm so sick of talking about you what up when i've got the conch
blood goes flat defend my corner and never let myself look sad what motivates you to approach my chair when i'm paralyzed in a sitting dance communication loves an enemy. how awake? blood goes flat defend my orders and never catch myself struck dumb when maggots sprout wings and i'm paralyzed in a sitting dance humour my loss and say it's the same thing glues you awake that you'd buy a lifetime in it, use up you best and last excuse kill off your phone with shapeless tongues till it breaks into your home and sings you to the bad news but its features blend into themselves know your hell cling with me to the old days and drink in the new bury a whole night in it help me lord, i'm flailing there's tow sides to every face that's erased you mother subbubus a vampire black hole in a fleshcoat what you say we fuck on the stairs? it's dangerous, i know, but i'm hostile when prostrate.