This is my attempt to make a complete discography of M Blanket Releases. All the songs are downloadable mp3s. enjoy!

M Blanket Demo - 1992, I don't know anything about this except the 4 tracks.

1. Cow
2. Easy
3. Handsome Handsome Flink
4. Rock and Roll Stops the Traffic

Split with Slinky - on Spinout 360. Outside artwork, inside artwork.

1. Wet Meat
2. Cappy
3. Invites Only

M Blanket has had tracks on various compilations, the ones I know of are…

"Another Day" on Attaining the Supreme
"Bad Man" on Farmhouse 94
"Kid Collision" on Fuck the Commonwealth
"In Your Room" on Fuck the Commonwealth LP
"Fonz" on GO!

M Blanket released two 7"s, Seen It Coming and Safety.

Seen It Coming 7"
Side A:
1. Pyjama Song
2. Mayonnaise
3. Doubt It
Side B:
1. Pillbug Arena
2. Jaywalker

Safety 7"
Side A:
1. Even The Score
2. Processing Yor
Side B:
1. Coaster Brakes
2. Safety



inside front

inside back



lyrics A

lyrics B